Welcome to our online gallery featuring breathtaking realistic art paintings. The  paintings are created by Johan de Champs who has a passion for capturing the beauty and intricacies of real life through their brushstrokes. Browse through our collection and immerse yourself in the world of realistic art.

Horse portrait painting on commission
horse portrait. Oil painting.
The Lion. 70×50 cm Pastel painting. For sale.
Message me for more info
For Sale . TIGER EYE . 50×40 cm , framed with or without glass.
BIG! 120×80 cm on canvas. An eyecatcher! FOR SALE . Message me for info
Coyote. Oil painting on wooden panel 30×30 cm.
For sale. 300€ Framed 350€
“Staring Eyes”. Acrylics on synthetic illustration paper. 32×21 cm . FOR SALE.
The Hamburger. Oil painting on a wood panel.40×30 cm FOR SALE With or without frame.
The Rushing River. Oil painting on a wood panel. 40×30 cm FOR SALE
Portrait of Tommy Shelby 40×30 cm
Oil painting on wooden panel “Norwegian Wood” 30×30 cm FOR SALE
Oil painting on canvas 40×30 cm of the river Chelmer in Essex , UK. FOR SALE.
English cottage oil painting on wood panel. 30×30 cm for sale.
Oil painting on a wooden panel of the river Wye in Wales.UK. FOR SALE 30×30 cm
Horse portrait painting. Retrato de tu caballo. Animal art
For Sale, Oil painting on wood. Open for commissions.
Horse portrait painting, retrato caballo
For sale. Oil painting on wooden panel. Open for commissions

Johan de Champs (1959) , born in the Netherlands in Velsen (near to Amsterdam) is an artist who is working with mixed media on canvas, wood and synthetic illustration paper. 

Most of his paintings are colorful realistic art with subjects like wildlife, flowers, portraits. 

Also commission paintings are a possibility for interested clients who would like to have something personalized. 

After he had great personal teachers,  like half-native American Sun-Bear Espinoza (1935 – 1999), Johan went to Institut für Ausbildung in bildender Kunst ( Art school In Bochum, Germany). 

Later he traveled to the USA to visit Dru Blair’s School of Art in North Carolina. 
Lately followed a workshop at Foxy Studio for hyper realistic oil painting.
2023-2024 Johan is a student of the Michael James Smith realistic painting school.

With exhibitions in the Netherlands ,Spain and the gallery Art & Frame in the Netherlands who was selling exclusively his art, Johan decided to move to Spain and beside being busy as a musician (saxophone) he started making art again in Spain and having exhibitions. 

If you have any questions send me an email to info@champsart.com for a quote.

Portrait art painting of a family member. Retrato personalizado
Carlos. Acrylics on canvas 30×30 cm Commission work
Portrait art. Retrato arte
Wednesday Addams Acrylics on canvas. 40×30 cm SOLD
Animal art Pet portrait on commission. Retrato mascota
Commission work. 40×30 cm Acrylics on quality illustration paper. For a painting of your pet send me an email for more info . Info@champsart.com
Tiger portra painting. Big portrait in acrylics. Gran pintura de un tigre .
FOR SALE my Big painting on canvas 120×100 cm.A breathtaking painting on your wall !! Message me for information

Personal paintings from a good photo. Retratos personalizado
70×50 cm acrylics on illustration board. Commission work from an old photo.
Portrait painting . Retrato personalizado
Oil painting. Open for commissions.
Oil painting of wildlife animals. Gorilla with baby
Oil painting on canvas 90×60 cm For Sale
“Liberty” 120×100 cm Acrylics on canvas.
Wildlife painting. Snow Leopard
70×50 cm Acrylics on canvas. For sale
Monochrome realistic airbrush painting . Herman Brood .
Dutch Rock n Roll hero :Herman Brood
FOR SALE 70×50 cm
Pastel drawing of a lion . Wildlife drawing
Pastel drawing 40×30 cm . For sale
Big Acrylics wildlife lion painting on canvas
“SIMBA” 120×80 cm .Acrylics on canvas. For sale

Photorealistic big leopard painting on canvas with acrylics
Leopard 120×80 cm BIG ! SOLD .

Gorilla realistic painting on big canvas. Wildlife portrait in acrylics
“MAX” 120×80 cm !!! acrylics on canvas. SE VENDE. Es grande !

Swimming tiger painting . Photo realistic animal art. Arte de animales realistica
Swimming Tiger 90×60 on canvas. SOLD
PHOTOREALISM gorilla portrait painting. Animal pintura retrato gorila realistica
“Freedom Thoughts” 80×60 cm acrylics on canvas . mixed media. . A fantastic eye catcher on every wall! SOLD
“ Monkey Selfie” 60×50 cm on canvas
Motherly Love -Realistic painting acrylics on canvas. SOLD
Photo realistic macaw bird painting. Arte de animales realistica
Airbrush on synthetic paper 60×50 cm SOLD!
Retrato de tu perro o gato . Realistic Portrait of your dog or cat
Pastel painting (not for sale). Private collection
“Discover” 80×60 cm on canvas.
Abstract animal art . Colorful paintings
ABSTRACT LEOPARD ”Savannah” 50×50 cm acrylics on canvas. FOR SALE
Lions head with pastels. A4 (for sale)
Photorealistic animal pet portrait painting. Foto Realista pintura retrato mascota
Private collection
Cougar 40x30 cm acrylics on canvas. (For Sale)
Cougar. Acrylic on canvas. 40x30cm. SOLD
Jazz painting. Louis Armstrong. Jazz portrait. Pintura de jazz
“Jazzplosion” 115×75 cm. Acrylics on canvas.
Louis Armstrong jazz portrait painting. Retrato de jazz
“Louis Armstrong” 60×50 cm on canvas. FOR SALE
Painting of a Dutch tulip. Amsterdam tulip. Tulipan pintura
“Red Amsterdam” 60×40 cm on canvas. SOLD
Dutch tulips . Flower art painting. Tulipanes pintura holandes
“Dutch Tulips” 60×60 cm on canvas. FOR SALE
Portrait painting airbrush acrylics. Photorealistic 
Realista pintura de aerografia
Andre Hazes (Dutch Singer) SOLD . Commission work
Retrato Realistica aerografia . Photo realistic portrait painting airbrush
SOLD . commission painting of a Dutch legendary singer : Mary Servaes
Angora Cat Portrait (for sale) A3 size Pastel on Pastelmat
Cat portrait. Animal portrait. Pet portrait. Retrato gato. Retrato mascota
Dinkie (private collection)

Pet portrait. Dog portrait. Retrato perro. Mascota pintura
For sale. Special offer with high gloss epoxy coating !
Charlie Watts Forever 32×24 cm. FOR SALE
Sold commission
Sold commission
Sold commission
Sold commission